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Jimi Hendrix

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Bob Dylan

Who is your music legend? Who do you think is the greatest musician? I want this website tyo reflect your opinion as well as mine. There is such a variety of music styles, and beats... Who am I to tell you who's the best. All I can do is put together a website about musical legends or rock legends and set it free to grow on its own. If you tell me you feel someone should be included here, I will include them. The rock bands, musicians and singers who are your favourites are equally entitled to feature on this website.All I ask is that the pop bands, musicians and singers you recommend do have international acclaim. This is a website for genuine stars and truly original musical artists. In the future I would like to start a top ten list of all time great songs and I welcome your suggestions... My favourite all time song is 'Vincent' by Don McLean. What is your favourite song? What is your all time top ten? Let's post them up on this website so others can check out your favs... This music website can grow as big as you all want it to... If you are a band and feel this website can help promote you, send me music and pics and I'll do a promo page...

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